Rushlow-Iacoi Funeral Home and Crematory is proud to offer DNA profiling and DNA storage in order to preserve your family’s genetic history. DNA is the genetic blueprint of an individual and most everything can be determined through one’s DNA. You will receive a unique genetic profile that identifies your loved one and have peace of mind knowing that your loved one’s DNA is available for future genetic testing. By taking advantage of this service, you are stepping into the next millennium realizing what the future holds for genetic testing.

Rushlow-Iacoi Funeral Home and Crematory is one of only a few funeral homes across the nation to offer DNA profiling and storage. This is an important service because it is the last opportunity to keep a part of your family without the costly and emotional process of disinterment. Cremation offers no recourse for DNA profiling and storage.

Your loved one’s DNA is confidential and accessible only by authorized family members (no insurance company/government access.) We feel strongly that those who take advantage of preserving your family’s genetic history will be able to identify inherited genetic diseases through future testing. Such testing often times requires more than one family member.

DNA Kits can be used to profile and/or store DNA of individuals or pets. This DNA can then be used to:

  • Determine parentage/inheritance issues 
  • Forensic/missing persons issues 
  • Determine inherited genetic diseases 
  • Establish genealogy of a family 
  • Diagnose infectious diseases 
  • Determine predisposition to inherited metabolic disorders & genetics cancers 
  • Provide “Peace of Mind” knowing that your family’s medical and genetic history is preserved.

Please contact David Poisson, Managing Funeral Director at Rushlow-Iacoi Funeral Home and Crematory at 401-596-2352 or email us at

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